Game Features

Kart Racing

The world's most popular sport
pits contestants against each other with their speed and kart skills.
From racers, engineers, and kart designers...
People from every field of kart racing are thriving!

Legend Cup

The legendary trophy created from the pure joy and adrenaline of kart racing.
This artifact imbues the energy of the racing world and protects it.
All racers dream of becoming a legend, holding the Legend Cup in their hands!

Boomhill Friends

Eight racers who live in the Boomhill Village.
They race in hopes of making their individual dreams come true.
On the hunt for the Rabbit Hole crew to retrieve the vanished Legend Cup!

Rabbit Hole

Villains from the future
that invaded our world via a dimensional rift.
They have corrupted the Legend Cup's energy
and brought chaos to the world.
Their true identities are still unknown...

Theme Story